Friday, May 27, 2011

Bud's Morning At the Beach

Each morning, we go to the beach for Bud. We've been doing training, like "stay" and "come" and "wait" (when he's in motion) - advanced commands. He is doing really well. One of the commands I do a lot is "Stand", which means that when I'm on the ground, he comes to me and I use him as a bench: I grad him from his shoulders to his hindquarters and pull myself up from my knees (my 125 pounds) to standing. It's funny when he still has puppy energy not drained, this command tickles him, he thinks I'm playing, so he'll roll around on the ground, legs up with silliness, because he's still a puppy. This makes me stop and laugh with him. Everyday, when I'm on the ground at the beach, a loose dog will come up to me and give me kisses. Today it was a black Golden-Doodle. A neighbor asked me where Jetta was today, he didn't know that she's in heaven. When I told him, we hugged. My community's loving me and my dogs has really helped in the process of grieving. I love Cayucos more than ever.

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