Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Goes On

I get up and out, for Bud. He has so much more energy it seems to me. For the first 4 days after Jetta left us, Bud and I spent 6-7 hours at our beach each day. I see Jetta in every black Lab that runs by me. It seems as if they are happy to see me out on the beach. I remember Jetta young and pulling me up the sand dunes and running for the ball. The other day an old black Lab greeted me while I sat sobbing over Jetta. I hugged him. The owner said that his days were at an end because of old age. He was 11 years old. That day I had two balls with me. He saw the ball and I said, "Do you want this ball sweetheart?" With effort he opened his mouth and held the ball in his mouth. I whispered, "Jetta is waiting." Then he climbed up the stairs with his person. Another ball thief.

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