Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Two weeks ago... I found a flea on Bud. He had a bath and flea treatment(frontline plus). We must have done it wrong, he ran to the crate to hide, he doesn't like that stuff on his coat. I was alone without a helper, so I did the best I could. A week later, my poor dog was flinching when he got a bite. I have never seen anything like it. He looked at me as if to say, "Mom, please do something, the monsters are biting me." I rolled him over and I could not believe the amount of fleas, they were pouring out of him. I HATE FLEAS!!! So luckily I had a helper with me, and we bathed him with flea shampoo and big black fleas, big pregnant fleas, I was screaming bloody murder, the water was black with fleas. Poor bud was getting shampooed for a half hour. He stood there really good like the good boy that he is. Went over him again with the flea pick comb to get all the fleas out of him. The fleas were on his legs, face, it was ridiculous! The next day, I called John Brezden, who I know as a personal friend of many years. He told me that he could send someone over the next day to treat the carpet to kill all of the fleas and eggs. We can't have our loved dogs having fleas. If we don't kill the fleas, the dogs eat the fleas and get worms, then you have flea eggs on your furniture and then, flea eggs in your carpet that will hatch in three weeks then your life is hell until the cold weather kills these monsters. I'm happy to say that I started Bud on an internal pill. One of my trainers recommended this for dogs that swim a lot. So happy to say our house is flea free, and Bud is feeling so much better. If you live around this area, any summer months, fleas go crazy. The next day after going to the beach I hosed him off with a blast of water right on his coat, and I saw two fleas come off him. So you have to be really on top of these monsters.

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