Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bud Toe Nails

Today I took Bud into my Vet, Coast Vet Clinic, hoping to get his toe nails clipped. After Bud's meltdown I have working every day when I feed him.It takes a little time but I know that he needed the handle on his paws. Last week Chris Barret,at Splash, tried to trim one toe nail after he was tired from swimming. No, he was not having it done. I talked to Dr Truax and he said to bring him in and if he was wild again that he would have sedate him to cut them. I hoped that my handle his paws more would help. We walked into the clinic and Bud got nervous right away and staring whining.I keep the treats coming. Finally a tech got him and took him into the other room.He came back with tearing the place down. Good Boy Bud. A small victory. I suggest that when you a puppy or and older dog handled their paws, ears, teeth etc. Bud's bad toenail breaks were years ago.

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