Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bud Zilla

When Bud was a puppy I made the choice to let him run free on our safe beach. Well for a long time I was afraid to walk him on leash because he was Budzilla. He pulled me over and he pulled two dog trainers over when he was 11 months old. When Service Dogs are puppy raised they are not allowed to play off leash. I wanted Bud to be able to enjoy his life as a dog. My trainers think that was a mistake. Well I knew that Bud having Elbow Displasia would eventually have to stop running crazy when he gets older. Bud had to loose 14 lbs after the surgery on his elbows at University of Davis. You can read about Budzilla in the sequel and how he got so fit!
PS I'm sorry to report that my sweet Bud, on the beach, was Budzilla for 2 seconds. He has done this off and on only occasionally. He jumped on a silly puppy and scared the puppy and he came right back to 2 seconds later. The woman got mad and I said that it was dog talk and the puppy could sniff him and everything is over. Well the woman the was not a local and she went crazy. She told me that she would kick my ass and shot my dog! People are very protective of their dogs. I told her that I have been working on this with my trainers and the dog didn't have one scratch on her. I remember when Bud was a silly puppy a golden retriever did the same thing to Bud and Bud came running to me. At that time I felt mad at the other dog. Now I know that dog if left they work thing out. It just posturing. I told Bud that I would have to write a story of how Mom gets beat up on the beach. What a relaxing walk on the beach that was!

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