Monday, November 5, 2012

Bud's and My Exciting Exercise Schedule

Bud has special needs just like I do.  Bud lives with elbow displasia and arthritis as a result of his ruptured knee ligament that he had surgery on.  The best way to deal with our daily pains is daily exercise and weight control.  Some mornings Bud doesn't want to go trotting and walking on the beach, but we both do it.  Just like Bud, some morning I want to be lazy pazy too but I can't.  I gotta get up and get moving.  I fast walk then trot Bud a few blocks down to the beach to warm him up.  Once we get to the beach, he walks with me on his leash.

After his surgery, I can't let him play too hard.  We walk for 1.5-2 hours.  He walks next to me really well.  If he's good, I let him dig in the sand at the end of the walk.  He loves to dig huge holes on the beach.  It's a good aerobic workout for him.

Then later in the morning he gets to swim in the bay for about half an hour.  After he gets his swim, we head off to my swim where I swim laps and do aqua aerobics for about an hour.  Swimming is a family affair!  What can we do better than take care of our bodies?

Here's Bud waiting while I swim:

Me waiting while Bud swims:

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