Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Poor Cousin Holly's Ear Trouble

Cousin Holly is my good friend Marilyn's lab/retriever mix.  She's so in love with Bud. She kisses him all the time. She is 8 years old and still can hold her own when she swims with Bud.

Holly has had many ears trouble in the past. Last week after Bud and Holly's weekly swim date we noticed her ears were red inside, so we gave her some of Bud's post-swim ear drops.  I make them with equal parts of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water.  They help dry out any water that gets in the ears from swimming.  As soon as we gave them to Holly, she started shaking her head and wriggling through the ice plant on the bluffs above the harbor.  So, her mom took her to see our local vet  Dr John Trauax.  He told her to put Patonol in her ears for 6 days.  Lucky for Holly, the medication took care of the infection.

Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to getting ear infections after swimming.  So, it's important to dry their ears out after water exposure, which is why I highly suggest using these home-made drops.  It's inexpensive and can help prevent costly and uncomfortable ear infections for our loved pets.  By using this method, Bud has only suffered from two ear infections in his life- even though he's a daily swimmer.  Give it a try!

Here's a quick clip of Bud and Holly swimming together:

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