Monday, October 8, 2012

Boundry Training

Before every meal, Bud has to wait on his kitchen dog bed or on the living room carpet.  I don't allow dogs to be underfoot in the kitchen because it's too dangerous for me. This is one of the places I apply Boundary Training to our relationship. 

In my mind Boundary Training is very important for your dog's safety and your family harmony. This training is done in your home and yards small or large. The series of pictures displayed below are of various areas and environments that I have trained Bud to respect boundaries in.  I also train visiting dogs.  The dogs learn right away: my house, my rules.  

The way I approach Boundary Training with a new dog is by starting on a curb or in a doorway.  I have them stop at the curb/in front of the doorway and then use my hand and arm to create a visual boundary as I repeatedly say "boundary".  If they step over the boundary, it is very important to make them go back until they learn the command.  You must remain vigilant and consistent to make the training stick.  This includes everyone who handles the dog..Once this is accomplished with a curb or doorway (or other location of your choice), you can begin Boundary Training in new areas.

Good luck dog trainers!  Let me know of your success!

Bud waiting to leave the house!

Bud waiting to cross the boundary from the living room to the kitchen!

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