Thursday, November 21, 2013

Books I Love About Dogs That Read A Second Time

I love reading about dog behavior. This knowledge helps me better understand my boy Buddy.  Books I  recommend to all dogs lovers are:
Hidden Life Of  Dogs by Elizabeth Thomas Anthropologist and Writer. She studied seven generations of dogs and the book is very interesting. If you see the picture of me and Bud you see how interested he is.
For The Love Of A Dog : Understanding Emotion In You And Your Best Friend  by Patrica Mconnell Phd.
This book is great. She shows you in pictures how for you to read your dogs emotions. Reading this booked helped me know what to look for in dogs like when a dog is giving a whale eye and what it means. And body movement and how to know what it means.
The Secret To Puppy Love with tips from animal communicators by Karen Palmer. I met Karen on a day while I was watching my boy Bud at the bay in Morro Bay and we hit it off from the beginning because she is a dog trainer and an author and quite the sweetheart.
Dogs Are Gifts From God by Karen Palmer. This is a good read too.
I have many more books that I know dog lovers would want to read too many for one blog. The bottom line is that the more we know about our beloved dogs the happier they will be and that makes us humans happy. Look at Bud showing me how much he appreciates me.

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