Saturday, November 16, 2013

One Of The I don't Think Intack Male Dog Should Run Free

Today my dog Bud was at the beach with me and I was talking to Dave who was on the beach with Ginger. Bud and Ginger play well together. He knows that she is strong and fast. Bud let her win in the case of tug-a-war. He is and always has been quite the gentlemen with his female play mates. It was a beautiful warm morning and the dogs were having tons of fun until a huge black Lab ran over and bit Bud on the nose. When the dog bit Bud, Ginger chased the big Lab and chased him off. She has always felt protective of Bud. They love each other. When I called Bud to me I saw a puncture from the dogs teeth and a scratch below his eye. I was mad at the owner of the dog because the in tact male was doing what comes naturally to in tact males. His dog came back and I grabbed Bud's collar and told the owner that his dog bit my dog and to keep his dog away from my dog. The owner  was very rude and told me his dog didn't bite Bud and I told him that both myself and David watched it happen. By now the male was sniffing around Bud again and giving him the whale eye and trying to put his head over Buds head as a show of dominance. This Lab was at least 4 inches taller than Bud and about 10 -15 pounds heavier. Bud was minding his own business and this Lab was looking for trouble.
Bud's injury was not serious but I count my blessings. When I was 12 years or so I saw my brothers beagle mix attack Jet my grandfathers black Lab. They were both in tact males. I know that there are many wonderful in tact males. The dog who bit Bud was probably a very good dog. What I think is that the owner of the in tact male has to keep the dog out of trouble.  
Bud is recovering. He can swim again on Monday. In the meantime, he is enjoying his new toy.

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