Sunday, November 10, 2013

Formally Reluinctant Turned Avid Lover

My friend Doug told me the story about his dog, Harley. When lived with his girl friend, she brought a  chihuahua home one day and Doug told her no way that little dogs are yappy and ill-mannered that  was his feeling about the breed because that was what he saw all the time.  When Doug met Harley he changed his mind. Doug love this little dog so much so that when his relationship end he made a agreement with his ex to share share custody of their dog. That warms my heart with their devotion to this dog. I feel in love with Harley too he is so sweet and good nature that everyone loves Harley. Doug believes in discipline and rules. Shown here is Doug and Harley on beach. Look at the small ball in Doug's hand. Too cute.

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