Friday, July 17, 2015

Our Visit To The Country

I took Bud to visit Sylvia and Marley my favorite Chihuahua. In July the temperature in Valley Spring is much warmer than at the coast. I love the quiet of the country in the morning. I heard chickens, a pleasant change from the busy beach vacationers in my town. While staying at Sylvia's home Bud and Marley shared sleeping places. One day while I swam in a nice pool in the local gym, Marley fell in the water and I thought Bud was going to jump in to save her. But brave Marley swam to the edge where we could get to her and remove her from the water. Pictured is me holding the wet dog, Marley was okay, Sylvia was surprised and happy that she got to swim on a hot day and didn't drown. Bud was jealous! ( I know the photo below is a picture of what you don't want to look like when you have been in the water for an hour and half.) It's freeing not to be vain, that is something that comes with age. When I saw this picture I was shocked how could I look so scary. Maybe I should change my profile picture. NOT!

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