Saturday, July 11, 2015

Remenbering Hungry Jetta

I am having " Down Day," which means  that today have no staff and I get to spend a peaceful quite day at home. Earlier today, I was sorting through my tons of dog pictures and I found this one. This photo was taken of Jetta when she was alive and in her prime. So I would not forget to feed her.  She at this time had little grey. She was a my best girl. She did not teach Buddy this. Bud waits patiently for me to feed him he, when the time for dinner gets close he hangs out in the kitchen and just stares at his bowl.

Jetta was hungry all the time. I would be busy writing in my office and Jetta always slept by my side. But at 4 pm or sometimes 3 pm she would get up to get her bowl so to make sure that I would not forget to feed her at 4 30 . Smart beautiful girl.

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