Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth Of July In Caycous For Me & Bud

My plans to not be home on this day fell apart and we are back home for this special day. I say "Hum Bug" I hate the crowds and the beaches so full and on and and on!
First thing in the am we go to the beach and I sat on the sand to watch Bud dig. He has been out of town for one week. I just watched him and I threw the ball and I just kept my busy brain on Bud. I remember why 32 yrs ago I moved here. A nice neighbor John walked back towards the beach stairs with his silly Lab mix Dewy stopped to visit for a short time and we talked about the first time Bud met this dog five years,

he jumped on him! Dewy was a puppy and Bud was being a bully. The next minute the dogs were friends! I talked to John about local dogs passing and how much our dogs keep us afloat. I was sad this am and I felt alone.
My dog Bud every day gives a reason to get up in the am when I don't want sometimes which not often.
If I did not get down to the beach with Bud I would not felt the love in my life. Then Eddy my next door neighbor of 32 years came over to block my driveway from the mass of cars swarming our town. He said as he hugged me that my neighbors  missed me. I am so blessed to live here and I am truly happy for the people who flock to have a fun day I am glad for them.

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