Saturday, March 26, 2016

Commucating With Our Dog Loves

 I could not sleep last night so I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to get a cold drink from the refrigerator. Gracie followed me to the food place.She knows that when I open the refrigerator that something good is going to come. Bud and Gracie know when the refrigerator door opens they usually get a treat. The sound wakes Bud up when he was in his crate in the office. I got yogurt too. The rule of the house is she gets to lick the spoon and he gets to lick the cup. I know I am silly, too bad. Gracie has come so far in a short time period. She falls asleep in my lap. She growled at me and wouldn't let me touch her. She has become a better watch dog than Bud. Serious watchdog. Beware of the little dog. Once you get to know her she is loving sweet and tender. it is a big front she puts up. I am glad I wore her down. She is at home here.
Bud loves training her because he knows there are treats. When I treat her he gets treats too.

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