Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gracie Update

I have learned more about this mixed up little cutie and we have bonded well. Gracie had bad gums and has lost 6 teeth on her lower jaw. Poor thing I would be cranky too! Gracie has learned several commands and she has become quite the fierce guard dog while protecting her new home. I warn strangers beware of the little one not the big one. Gracie showed me why her behavior was bad enough to get her thrown out of house hold. Some person ( very dumb ) taught her to growl and show her teeth and bite people. Really that is too bad.
The very good news is that Gracie is now the loving dog that God created her for.When you give your dog rules, and love and discipline they are feeling secure and in their permanent home. several days ago I feel on my rump in the kitchen, I was tired and getting over a head cold. When I sat on the ground my girl, Gracie sat close right new to me and would not leave until I got up. What a good girl.
I love working with dogs and communicating with them that is what God made me for I am doing my passion and love how the love of dogs fills me with a with a light of divine grace. That is why I named her, Amazing Gracie. She is transforming before my eyes.
I have much more work to do with her. I still have teach leash manners because she has none. When sees a bike she goes NUTS. I always say, tomorrow is another day. I love my Amazing Grace. That you God for another dog who I get to help.

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