Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bud's Best New Friend

Bud’s New Best Friend
My best friend, Jake doesn’t come over anymore to play. Koda is with Jim. Not here to play with me. Mom has a new helper. He brought his new puppy, Bubba, to socialize. Puppies learn manners from other older dogs. The first time he came to our house he got on my dog bed. I growled at him.
Mom said, “No Bud he is just a silly puppy. You need to be nice to him. One of these days he will be way, way bigger than you.”
“Okay Mom, just keep him off my bed.” Mom said, “Nice dogs share their toys because it’s polite pack behavior.”
Moms said, “Watch out for old Jetta girl. You guys could bump her.”
“Okay Mom we’ll try, but it is so much fun playing with him.”
Bubba gets bigger every time we play. We wrestled and wrestled and wrestled. He bites my legs and then I bite his legs, he rolls over with me and we roll and roll and bite and bite. I chase him around the house and he chases me around the house.
Mom said “I call a time out! You boys are too rough! Go rest!”
“Go rest? Oh man. This was just getting good.” Boys play rough. Okay, we’ll take a break.
“Come on Bubba lets drink from the fountain in the front yard.” We go out to the yard to have a drink. We put our paws up to reach the water. I feel like a boy dog. Jetta never did this. We come in and run around and roll and chase. “Man Bubba has a lot of energy.”
After I played more, I get tired. I went to my crate for a nap.
Moms sat at her desk and said, “Had enough Bud?”
“Yes for now, that puppy has worn me out. I guess I’m not as young as I used to be.” I see Bubba waiting for me out my crate. I’m glad the crate is made for one dog.

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