Sunday, March 13, 2011

Handome Bud

Bud is a very handsome dog. People often stop on the beach to take pictures of him at play. Resently a woman visiting from Vermont was taken by Bud so much that she took picture after picture of him. I told her about Jetta's book. Jetta was home because of her last surgery and can't go to the beach yet. My idea is to have you guys blog and send cute pictures to my blog site then we came post them on facebook. I'm an computer idiot. Please bear with me. We can have a contest and every one who responds wins an all expenses play day at the beach with our pack.


  1. We should meet at the beach one sunny day when you feel better, Jetta.
    We could take an Old GIrls walk while Bud deals with the paparazzi!
    Paws up, EMi

  2. Yes, Emi could play with the Paparazzi while Jetta takes it all in.