Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zen Jetta

Jetta is an old dog now and her life has changed since her retirement. Jetta goes in the car with us whenever possible, but she misses a lot of the action. When we go to the pool she sleeps while Bud watches me. She has trouble with stairs to the beach unaided. So my helpers carry her up the beach stairs. She loves the extra attention. I sit with her on the beach and give her rubs while Bud swims.I enjoy watching Jetta greet people. She sniffs for cookies with no shame. Jetta likes to sit outside in the evening in the dark, still night and meditate. I think she is meditating because she is so Zen like. Jetta has a fabulous good nature about her that makes her calm. I wish I could be more like her.


  1. She is a wise old soul. Love her contentment. You are right bout her Zen quality. Peaceful.

  2. Stoli, my 10 year old dog is very similar. she loves resting. Also, my old dog that died ten years ago:( was trained asa police dog. if you want to see my dogs, check my youtube account (greywolf892), and i have about 35 videos with them