Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sly Old Jetta

I think old dogs get sly because they have been around for awhile and life is easy because they sleep allot, and maybe they have more time to think about being naughty. Today a friend left the side garage door open, where I keep a cat box and a small bucket with a handle so it's easy for me to keep the cat box clean. Early in the day I cleaned out it put some cat poop in the bucket. Jetta, after she finishing her dinner went outside and did not come back into the house. Since it's raining,I went out to see where the old girl was. I saw the garage door was open. I stepped into the garage and was shocked to see Jetta standing there with her entire head stuck in the bucket. She couldn't get her head out the bucket! I was I had a camera. Please tell me your stories about your naughty dogs. Who ever posts, will win a trip to come have a fun at the beach.

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