Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bud Makes Cal Poly Students Happy

One of my joys about having a service dog is that at Cal Poly many students over Jetta's life time and now in Buds life. Many student upon going to college they had to leave the family dog home. When Jetta would be hanging out waiting for to shower and change students laid down next to her and they loved Jetta and they got to hug and pet a dog. One of the many reasons for my book it that working dog serve a purpose by being ambassadors of love. I try to share Bud as often as I can. In picture shows Bud playing with a college student who need kisses because he left his at home with his folks. Cole's mom breed dogs and he couldn't get enough of Bud kisses. Cole and friends Chris and John are away from their families and are a little bored with most of the students gone for the break until fall quarter.  Bud likes holding a ball in his mouth because he is semi-retired you know and he gets bored just waiting.

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