Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who Is An Opportunistic Feeder Or Kefir Bandit?

 Dogs have survived for decades because are opportunistic feeders. Dogs and wolves have gone hungry and they learned when the food is there you better eat or somebody else will. When I get my dinner ready and when I am watching a movie I set my food and drink on my ottoman. Well, some dog took a drink of my kefir before I came  back into the room. Who do you think it was? A hint is that Bud would drank the whole cup and I only had Batman and Robyn were in the room at that time.Don't let this 7 pound cutie fool you. I do love this pup.  Shown in the back ground another sample of the opportunist feeders is Batman licking out of the yougert contaner that Bud dragged from the trash,  Dogs got to be dogs.

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