Friday, January 10, 2014

Bud's Other Boo Boo

Bud while playing with my new staff at Cal Poly pool got hurt when he was going for the ball and stepped in a drain and broke a toe nail and started bleeding. The vet wrapped the paw up and said no play for Bud for two weeks. Poor Bud ! This is the fifth time he has done this. I don't know why his toe nails are so fragile.  Good news the vet put him on antibiotics and he does not have to be wearing "the dreaded cone of shame". Now they have stinky gel that tastes so bad they don't lick it.

Down time is necessary and some what a blessing because I don't feel guilty being lazy pazy. The time always goes fast. I use the time to work on my next book. Shown here is hopeful Bud wanting to go play at our beach.

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