Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Other Love, Ackerman The Boxer

There is a great dog, Akcerman, who when I see him on the beach I stop for his soft gentle kisses. He is so handsome. I have a weakness for the breed because as a child I played with my Dad's boxers. I was told because was a baby crawling around with the dogs. My folks had one boxer at a time and they told me that when Mom feed the dog left over table scraps to the dog that the loving boxer shared his food with me. I think now that's why I love them so much. What a wonderful breed. Every day I look forward to see this beautiful boy. 
If I didn't Labs I would chose Boxers they are very special. I love Ackerman's personality,he wants to play with Bud at the beach but is focused on the ball and digging his wholes. 
He's 3 years old. Bob and Kelly got him from a back yard breeder in San Lorenzo, CA.  They have had him since he was 8 weeks old.  Ever since he was old enough (4 mo.s) his regular day includes two outings, usually to the beach.  Like all boxers he's a clown and makes them laugh every day.
Boxers originated in Europe, more specifically Germany during the 16th century. They were used to hunt large game such as bear cubs, deer, and boar. Their powerful jaws and recessed nose made them great hunting dogs as they could easily breathe while hunting. Boxers are renowned for its faithfulness. They are patient and good with children. They are alert and courageous and all around great dogs. Look at these hunk of dog! Bud does not get jealous which is very good thing, Look at Puppy Ackerman!!Those jowls that face, what a cutie pie. 

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